Becoming a pilot

Conditions for obtaining ULM's pilot licence

To fly on your own and get your ULM Pilot’s Certificate, you simply need to be 15 years old in the final practical exam and have a medical certificate of non-contraindication (which is not to be renewed annually).

The training takes place in two stages:
First the theory: with personalized exam preparation courses (QCM) in your training center, individual or group courses.
Then in-flight practice: with 25 to 35 hours of dual flight time with your instructor, who will adapt the program to your profile and resources, or faster during blocked courses

This training is quite fast and many centers in France offer it, to find them you just have to search “ULM helicopter patent” in your navigator.
The exam will test your theoretical knowledge (using a QCM), and practices. Once completed, the examiner gives you your Patent, valid for life, which allows you to travel during the day.

Conditions for obtaining ULM's pilot licence

If you hold a pilot’s certificate as an airplane, helicopter, glider or free balloon you are exempt from the common theoretical ULM test (acquired for obtaining your patent). The class 6-specific theoretical part and practice should be passed on to an instructor.

N.b: Choppair significantly reduces operating costs (increasing to 150 cents per hour from an average of 300 cents per hour). It will therefore be particularly interesting to train for the ULM Pilot’s Patent on this aircraft!